Men's Health

Some problems, such as impotence and prostate cancer, are particular to men. Others, such as colon cancer, affect both sexes equally, but men are more likely to die from them. These articles explain how men can best prevent, diagnose and treat such conditions.

Colon Cancer: Facts to Know

Colorectal cancer strikes men and women in almost equal numbers, but men are more likely to die from it. Find out the latest on prevention, detection and treatment.

Mid-Life Crisis

The effects of women's menopause are well known. Yet men often experience a major transition at mid-life as well. Questioning one's life can be disturbing, leading to major job changes or divorce. But mid-life crisis can also be a time for healthy changes that lead to a fulfilling middle and older age.

Impotence: Causes and Solutions

A man's general physical and psychological health, lifestyle habits and certain medications can cause impotence. Yet in most cases, the disorder can be treated successfully.

Your Daily Health Plan

Perform the wrong activity at the wrong hour of the day, and your body will only sputter and wheeze like an aging prop plane. But get the timing right, and you'll improve not only your health but also your performance at work, in the gym, and even in the bedroom. So get ready to revise your daily planner.