Skin & Beauty

Whether you are battling acne, thinking about cosmetic surgery, worried about sun damage or just curious about spots, bumps, or warts, here's where you'll find head-to-toe information on the body's largest organ.

Lifestyle and skin

Our behavior is often written all over our face (and body).

Sun Sense: There Are NO Healthy Tans

You don't have to live like a hermit to avoid skin cancer. All you need is a little sun sense.

Ten Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist

Inform yourself about your skin and help your doctor to help you.

Acne Vulgaris

About 70 per cent of teenagers get spots at some point. You are more likely to suffer from acne if your skin is naturally greasy, but you will probably grow out of acne naturally by the time you leave your teens. You may find it gets worse if you have a lot of stress, such as around exam time. If you are a girl, you may be more prone to acne just before your period.

Fungal nail infection

What is a Nail Fungal Infection? How to treat it?